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07.08.2020 04:33

What Materials Does Drilling Tools Manufacturer Drill Bits Have?

When installing the drill bit, you need to slowly lift the bit box, put the four legs of the bit box into the four holes of the drill turntable, and put the core plate of the lift bit box into the bit box, and then put the bit groove and the bit box to be installed The convex points of the core plate correspond, and the drill rod is screwed on the drill bit connecting nut in turn.
The material of the drill bit is generally hard alloy, because the epoxy glass cloth covered copper foil plate wears the tool very quickly. The so-called hard drill bit is made of tungsten carbide powder as a matrix and cobalt powder as a binder through pressure and sintering. Because of its high hardness, it is very wear-resistant, has a certain strength, and is suitable for high-speed cutting. But the toughness is poor and it is very brittle. In order to improve the performance of the cemented carbide, some ion implantation technology is used to implant titanium, nitrogen, and carbon into the


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31.07.2020 04:31

The Failure Modes Of Several Kinds Of Threads Of Drilling Tools Manufacturer

After years of production practice, Kaiqiu Drilling Tools Manufacturer believes that the main failure modes of drill pipe joint threads are as follows.

1) Velcro and buckle: Occurs when there is a high axial pressure, the external thread is forced into the internal thread, causing the internal thread to expand or buckle and cause the connection to fail the tightening torque is too high or the downhole is too high When torque is applied, it will also fail due to bulging or hooking.

2) Thread shear failure: Thread shear failure often occurs at the last complete buckle. The larger the thread taper and the shorter the thread, the more likely to have shear failure.

3) Fracture: Because the stress is greatest at the last complete buckle, fracture often occurs at the last complete buckle.


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24.07.2020 04:34

Stable Drilling Tools Manufacturer

    Drill tool blades are the most important cutting blades today. They have excellent performance and are widely used. However, now that material resources are abundant, various types of blades emerge in an endless stream. Cubic boron nitride blades are one of them. Both the blades and cubic boron nitride blades are approved Manufactured by powder metallurgy, all have high hardness, high wear resistance, and good thermal stability.
   Drill tool blades are used to cut heat-resistant steel, stainless steel, high manganese steel, tool steel, etc. Cubic boron nitride blades are mainly used for cutting gray cast iron, wear-resistant cast iron, and various high-hardness materials. Although cubic boron nitride blades Its hardness is higher than that of cemented carbide inserts, but because of this, its brittleness is greater, its strength and toughness are poor, and it is not suitable for discontinuous surface processing under impact


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