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14.09.2020 05:51

Led Street Light Factory Design Change

     100w outdoor slim led floodlight is mainly used for road lighting, such as main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, factories, schools, gardens, urban squares, courtyards, etc. general street lights cover 20W~200W, and small street lights are mostly used on rural roads. Combining the characteristics of rural roads, it can not only save energy, but also meet lighting requirements. Highways generally use high power to meet national requirements and standards. Street lamps are mostly used in large factories, and the lighting requirements of the production workshop assembly line are very high. In order to meet this requirement, the lens has a secondary light distribution, and the light yield reaches 95% to meet the lighting requirements.

       LED high pole lights: mainly used in outdoor basketball courts, highway corners, airports and other places. The improvement of its output power and luminous flux needs to be further improved from


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31.08.2020 05:50

Led Street Light Factory Lamp Control Method

    Features and applications of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight:

    1. The lamp housing is made of high-quality aluminum, die-cast aluminum end cover the surface is anodized or painted the lamp body is exquisite and beautiful, and the heat dissipation performance is good.

    2. The lamp body is sealed with toughened glass and waterproof silica gel, and the inner epoxy resin is potted, so the lamp has double waterproof performance, superior waterproof effect, and waterproof grade IP65.

    3. The light source of the lamps adopts imported high-lumen high-power LED chips, the color temperature range is 2700K-7000K, and the built-in constant current power supply ensures the stable performance of the lamps.


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24.08.2020 06:17

Introduction To Led Street Light Factory Standard

After the improvement of the PCT bracket data by the manufacturer, the driving power has been increased from 0.7W in the past to 1-1.2W. In addition to opening the gap with the PPA bracket in one fell swoop, it also cut into the market of 0.7-1.2W among the original EMC products. Cost-effective PCT products are also an important product line in 2014 for some LED packaging factories.
The output of mid-power shopping malls surpassed high-power for the first time in 2013. Philips, which was originally focused on high-power shopping malls, was also active in mid-power shopping malls in 2013. In addition to the mid-power products that have been launched, Philips also plans to have a smaller size, better luminous power per unit area, and five-sided luminous, xiangruilight Led Street Light Factory products with a large luminous viewpoint. , Obviously its fancy degree to the mid-power market.


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17.08.2020 05:20

The Scenery Brought By 100w Outdoor Slim Led Floodlight

         In a prosperous city or a quiet road, people only pay attention to the place ahead, how inconspicuous the street lights on the roadside are. Today, Xiangrui Led Street Light Factory talks about the street lights bringing different scenery. Let us experience it together.

       The main function of street lights is lighting. Secondly, it provides a different scene for ordinary roads and brings out an artistic atmosphere. Street lights have many shapes, including oak lotus flowers, balls and bird wings. At night, a gentle light illuminates every corner of the earth. , It is a scene of the street during the day. When night falls, there will be beautiful lights on the roadside. Although street lights are not noticeable, they provide safety and guide the way home for people who go out at night.

      Whenever I take a walk at night, I walk slowly on every street, and I find street lights that


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10.08.2020 05:28

Maintenance Of Led Street Light Factory Products

Features of 100w outdoor slim led floodlight:

1. Long service life. The normal service life is 5-10 years.

2. Using a suitable positive-negative alloy formula and active material ratio, the battery is more suitable for the characteristics of battery cycle charging and discharging.

3. The design of the colloidal electrolyte can effectively inhibit the rust of the active material and the sulfate of the board, thereby delaying the performance degradation of the battery during use. Greatly improve the battery's deep charge cycle life.

4. Choose LED light source of fourth-generation lighting products, with higher light efficiency and more energy saving.

100w outdoor slim led floodlight should also pay attention to maintenance. What are the maintenance


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03.08.2020 05:37

Xiangrui Led Street Light Factory Is Worth Your Purchase

Most of the street lights that appear in our lives are 100w outdoor slim led floodlight, because 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is different from traditional ordinary street lights, 100w outdoor slim led floodlight is more energy-saving and convenient and different from ordinary street lights, 100w outdoor slim led floodlight The service life is also longer, and the most important thing is that it will not cause environmental pollution. There are many lamps around us that bring us more lighting, and we should know more information in the process of choosing to buy. For example, no matter what kind of lamps, their prices are different. 100w outdoor slim led floodlight will become the best choice for energy-saving transformation. It consumes less power and has high light efficiency and long life. Road lighting is the most important part of all our cities. Traditional street lamps often use some high-voltage street lamps. The biggest shortcoming of his loss is the waste of energy, and our


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27.07.2020 06:02

Xiangui Led Street Light Factory Is Committed To Problem Solving

Many customers will ask about the configuration when choosing solar led street lights. Many customers choose 30W street lights to save money. Can the brightness of low-power 30W solar street lights meet daily road lighting needs?

The higher the height of the light pole, the greater the wattage requirement of the light source, and the lighting angle of the light source will be affected. Where the light pole height is not high, low-power solar street lights can be selected. For example, rural roads are six meters wide, and solar street lights are installed on one side. You can choose 6 meters high 100w outdoor slim led floodlight, which can fully meet the basic lighting needs.

Low-power solar street lights will also consume much less power, and the requirements for battery capacity and solar panels will also be reduced. When purchasing solar street lights, you must choose suitable


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