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How to See and Manage Linked Devices in Signal

Signal messaging app is secured and takes user’s privacy seriously. Signal app is currently available for smartphone devices, but if you wish to access the same account on your tablet or PC, then you have to follow some simple steps. By default, Signal app receives messages on smartphones, but after connecting an additional device with the Signal app, you can receive messages on the connected device and smartphone as well.

How to Check Linked Devices

To access the Signal for messaging, you must register your mobile number in it. Once you sign in to the Singal, you can link an additional device with a similar account. You can link your Windows, macOS, Linux or iPad.

Always remember that you can use your Signal account on only one smartphone device at a time, but youre


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Chrome 88 on Mac or Windows

So, how to upgrade your Mac or Windows device to Chrome 88? Well, you may follow this article to the end. Even though developed to be safe by default, the zero-day security vulnerabilities are quite common on Chrome. Being aware of the reports exploiting CVE-2020-16009 in the wild, Google recently released the Stable channel to deal with such vulnerabilities.

This version is all set to roll out in the next few days. However, individuals can also upgrade to Chrome 88 by following the steps mentioned below. Recently, Google has introduced an update for the Stable channel for Mac, Windows, and Linux so as to deal with the actively exploited zero-day security vulnerability in the Chrome browser’s version 88. Within the upcoming days, this version will be rolled out for the entire community. As per the confirmations, even though Google knew about the reports that an exploit for CVE-2020-16009 exists in the wild however, despite that, it did not have any


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Top Calculator in PC Games on Windows 10

All operating systems come with some inbuilt programs. And some of them can be pretty handy. And like all other operating systems, Windows 10 also includes some important inbuilt applications. For instance, the calculator app was included in Windows 10 from the beginning. This app has always been useful for all of us as it includes standard, scientific, and programmer modes, along with a unit converter. Windows 10 has always provided its users with various great features, and that is the main reason for its popularity. Along with the inbuilt applications, Windows 10 also includes some other important features. Among all the functionalities, “Always on Top” is also a useful feature. Do you know about this feature? Do you also use Windows 10 on your computer system? The “Always on Top” feature enables the users to keep a window always on the top. Accessing this functionality is also easy.


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Dragon Ball Super

Goku’s Ultra Instinct abilities made him stand next to Lord Beerus. Thanks to the Battle Of Gods tournament arc, Jiren pushed Goku to his limits, and while they shove around the Spirit Bomb on each other, Goku’s last resort made him almost invincible. But what’s there for Vegeta in all this? Can he master Ultra Instinct, or does he have an alternative?


Note: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68, by Akira Toriyama. Throughout the Dragon Ball Super chapters, Vegeta never saw the light of the day. From standing in the audience members to analyzing Goku’s power level like a geek, the self-proclaimed Prince of Saiyans has nothing going on with him. However, there were some instances where the Prince of Saiyans broke his character


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Oxygen OS 11 Open Beta

OnePlus is an amazing smartphone company that offers high-quality smartphones at a very reasonable price. Unlike the South Korean tech giant, Samsung, Apple’s main competitor, OnePlus sits right between the two. And there is no doubt that for the past five years or so, OnePlus overcame borders and became the most-loved smartphone company in Asia and Europe.

Now the much-awaited Oxygen OS 11 open beta update is available on the OnePlus 7 and 7T series smartphones. The testing period recently started, and those who wish to opt for the beta version can download the update file from the official website.


How Oxygen OS 11 is different from Oxygen OS 10?

From the perspective of art and accessibility, the Oxygen OS 11 ticks all the right boxes. Thanks to


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Paul Greengrass

Paul Greengrass’s 2009 unmade Watchmen movie was similar to Todd Phillips’ Joker.

Recently director Greengrass shared his vision and approach of the Watchmen’s adaptation. He revealed that his ideas for the film were very different from the final execution of Zack Snyder’s version.


2009 Watchmen is a superhero movie based on the 1986 DC Comic character of the same name. The team of a writer, artist, and colorist including Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins created the maxiseries together. During the 2000s, Revolution Studios, Universal Pictures, and Paramount Pictures collaborated to adapt the comic book series. Director Greengrass was also initially attached to the project. However, the project underwent a development hell due to the budget dispute. Later the rights


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Nuro Ready to Launch Autonomous Delivery Services

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A specific group and community in humanity have the curiosity to continue the quest for driverless cars. Many have seen Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report that displays Lexus 2054, an autonomous vehicle with a manual overriding system. Movies and technology always moved concurrently to set a pace with time and humanity’s comfort. Self-driving cars that were once viewed as future technology now have taken shape and are ready to enter into realms of reality. One of the autonomous delivery startups, Nuro, has got clearance from California’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to launch commercial driverless cars and delivery related-services. Hence, now the public roads in California will witness the concept of autonomous car technology. Let’s explore what it means and how Nuro developed this methodology.


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AR Mobile Games

The world of mobile gaming is expanding day by day. The graphics and UI of mobile gaming have been drastically enhanced in the past few years. AR mobile games play a crucial role in satisfying people who want to merge fun with an active lifestyle. Due to hectic daily schedules, most people cannot find time and ways to keep themselves active. But, AR mobile games have made things easier. There are various AR mobile games available in the market. Based on the location and online interaction, you can find a suitable game for your mobile devices to live an active lifestyle. In this article, we have listed some of the best AR mobile games to help you live an active lifestyle.

Source: https://wabroot.citywikia.com/best-ar-mobile-games-that-promote-an-active-lifestyle/

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an excellent AR mobile game that allows you to create an avatar, seek


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Xbox App

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Windows 10 operating system comes with several integrated apps that enable you to perform various tasks on your computer system. The Xbox app is also such a feature that comes pre-installed within this operating system. This integrated Xbox app enables the Windows 10 users to connect their computer system to their Xbox One. This is an excellent feature for those who love to play a lot of games on their PC. The Xbox app in Windows 10 also allows the users to see which games their friends are playing and enables them to share their live game clips. The Windows 10 users have experienced many significant changes in the operating system, and by launching the Xbox app, the company has provided more accessibility to the gamers. If you are a gaming person, then this is the best app for you. But, if you are not, then removing this app will be the right


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Esports Tournament

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Smash.gg is a popular online video game platform that recently announced its deal and agreement with Microsoft. As reported by the eSports tournament platform, Microsoft acquired Smash.gg on December 2.

Initially, Smash.gg came into existence in 2015 as a program for eSports events. The services offered by Smash.gg were amplified to other titles other than Nintendo's Super Smash Bros however, it is still closely tied to the fighting genre. Not only this, but its range of tools support professional organizers and grassroots, payments, management, and analytics.

Source: https://wabroot.citywikia.com/smash-gg-esports-tournament-platform-bought-by-microsoft/


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The Latest GPS Running Watches in 2020

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 There are many wearables out there, and it's not easy to choose the best one from those many options. If you are a sports person, you will need a watch that can accurately track your heart rate, routes and even have an easy-to-read display and a built-in GPS tracker. Well, don't worry, in this article, we have listed some latest GPS running watches that you can buy right now Let's have a look at them.


Garmin Forerunner 945

Garmin Forerunner 945 comes with a 1.2-inch transflective MIP display and a 5ATM IP rating. It boasts various sensors, including GPS, heart rate, gyroscope, accelerometer,


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How to Use Pixellab App

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Pixellab is an Android app that makes it easy to create a poster and write texts on a picture. The app was mainly designed to write texts on pictures, but it includes so many useful features that one can do a lot more with the app. The app is available on Google Play Store for free. All you have to do is download it and start using it. We have described its features and the way one can use it. Have a look at the useful tips and learn how to use Pixellab.


Know about Its Basic Features

As you open the app, you will find a simple user interface. In order to load a picture in the background, click on the three dots that appear on the top right corner of the


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