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30.07.2021 14:52

How to Send Messages on WhatsApp Without Saving the Contact Number?

Yeah, you read the title right! Now you can send messages on WhatsApp without actually saving the contact number. WhatsApp is a popular messaging application on the internet, and while it’s highly user-friendly, there’s one niggle that has irritated us for quite some time. How to send a WhatsApp message without adding a contact or sending a WhatsApp message without adding a contact.

Certain third-party apps allow you to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts, but using these apps is not encouraged because it can jeopardize your security and could result in your WhatsApp account being blocked. Therefore, avoid such programs and not risk the security of your smartphone. Here’s how to send WhatsApp messages without having to add someone to your contact list.

Sending messages to unsaved numbers

The first technique we'll recommend is compatible with both Android and iOS. Here's how you can send


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WhatsApp’s New Feature and Countries Where the App Is Banned

WhatsApp keeps bringing new updates from time to time. Now, after this update, Voice Message can be played at different playback speeds on WhatsApp. This update is for both iPhone users as well as Android users. Let's know about it.

You will be able to play this feature on WhatsApp Web and desktop clients. With this feature, you can increase the playback speed of voice messages up to 1.0X, 1.5X, and 2.0X. As soon as you get a voice message on WhatsApp, you can increase its speed according to your playback speed button.

A new sticker pack, Laugh It Off, has also been released by WhatsApp in this new update. It includes 28 animated stickers. You can select any sticker according to your liking. The Laugh, It Off sticker pack, has been released for both iPhone and Android users.

There is a continuous battle between WhatsApp and the Government of India regarding the new IT rules.


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