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27.03.2020 06:05

When did the open beta start PSO2 Meseta?

When did the open beta start PSO2 Meseta? The open test period for Xbox One went live on March 17th. PSO2 should look for the PC, but this model doesn't have any release date. How long is there a wipe and is the beta? Microsoft has not yet announced the close of the beta. It should continue for at least the next two weeks. In this time period, more content such as ships will soon be additional. There's no wipe after the beta. Is the beta received? Players are excited. Even if the images are clearly the start and also dusty was plagued with a few technical problems. The Beta testers are still awaiting their benefits.

Tomaso Yowney said on Twitter:"Phantasy Star Online 2 is amazing and brings back so many memories of Phantasy Star Online 2s in my youth. Thanks for this." Could I join? There's not any region lock. However,


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