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19.03.2020 12:52, США Смотреть на карте

How to Unlock Neptune in Division 2

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Source: How to Unlock Neptune in Division 2

Division 2 has released the new season in which they have added several things along with finding Neptune. In the new season, there are five deadly bosses and a giant manhunt available for hunting down. All five bosses are Neptune, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and then Jupiter. Among all these bosses, Jupiter is the final and most deadly boss. Getting the rewards from manhunt this season will give you three weeks’ time, which is more than enough time to achieving such a thing. In season two types of rewards are available that players can achieve. Among two rewards, the first one can be achieved by almost every player, but another reward is a premium reward in which skins, extra loot items, and vanity items are available.


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