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16.03.2020 13:08, США Смотреть на карте

4 Tips to Make your Android as Secure as an iPhone

Смотреть '4 Tips to Make your Android as Secure as an iPhone'

Source: 4 Tips to Make your Android as Secure as an iPhone

iPhone devices are the most preferred and appealing devices, especially when it comes to privacy and security. People who use the iPhone know what it’s like to be secure from so many unwanted things. Apple is committed to the privacy of its users, and that is why they don’t share the details of their users with anyone. They also have their own browsers and mail features that keep the user keep out from the crowd. People who use Android devices also want privacy like the iPhone, but unfortunately, they can’t have it because the iOS operating system only works on the iPhone.

Privacy matters to everyone, even if the user is using an Android device. That is why there are some processes and steps that will increase the privacy of the Android device


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