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06.03.2020 11:13, г. Adger, США Смотреть на карте

How to Use Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

There are three different methods of Apple payment as namely Apple Cash, Apple Card, and Apple Pay. There is a slight confusion with each type of payment Apple pay use to purchase on the store and transfer the money to one user to another. Apple Pay also sends money directly to the bank account. In this blog, you can learn about Apple Pay and its features.

How to Settings up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

Launch the wallet application on your device. You can see here the black “Apple cash” card when you have set Apple pay into your device. You can also change the color of the icon as you wish.

Here are the steps how to setup settings up Apple pay cash on iPhone:-

  1. Hit on the card.
  2. Choose “Set up Now.”
  3. ...>>>

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