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How to Use Xbox 360 Controller With Windows

Whether you like action or racing video games, it is best to have a gaming controller instead of buzzing your hands on the pitiful keyboard and mouse. In case you already got a gaming controller of a game console like Microsoft’s Xbox 360’s controller. These kinds of controllers make the gaming experience extremely comfortable, and you would be able to use all of your potentials into a game while using a high-end controller.

The Microsoft Xbox 360 is one of the top-notch quality controllers, and its controller offers many essential and additional keys to control a video game along with great comfort. When a user holds it into the hands, it fills him up with confidence and excitement to play favorite games. However, the challenge appears when you wish to connect it with your Windows PC since that procedure can be a bit of confusion for the tech newbies. In this guide, you will be walked throughout the procedure of connecting


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