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15.02.2020 13:16, США Смотреть на карте

Five Things That Make No Sense About Babylon Five

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Source: Five Things That Make No Sense About Babylon Five

“Babylon 5” is an “American ” space-based “TV series introduced by “Straczynski,” a great writer and producer in the world of Sci-Fi. In “Babylon 5,” you see the artifacts like Novel presenting very artistic form ranging from beginning to end. It’s a previous example of the TV episodes and its related series that’s about the full season. Each Babylon 5 contents holds various plot elements with modifications in the episode’s universe. “Babylon 5” packs with various series showing various plot characters and their related events. Sometimes, it gets influenced by the decisions of the characters, and the overall scenario totally affected by multiple events.

“Babylon 5” fills with lots of adventure and drama that don’t make a genuine sense.


Автор: Статус: offline Daniel Ryan (daniel11ryan)   Теги:  babylon  babylon five 

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