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18.02.2020 11:41

How to Install Windows 10x Emulator on Windows 10

Смотреть 'How to Install Windows 10x Emulator on Windows 10'

Microsoft has introduced the primary preview of an emulator for Windows 10X which is the latest version of Windows 10 created for dual-screen as well as the foldable device that clears legacy component.

An emulator to access Windows 10X on Windows 10 is available for developers. However, any user can install it to check out what Microsoft has been creating for the latest version of the Windows 10. Zac Bowden who is a senior reporter of Windows released the walkthrough video of illustrating about the latest features such as latest Start menu and taskbar including parts of the latest interface and also how apps work in dual screen option.

If you are an enthusiast or a developer, you may test Windows 10X on the system via Microsoft


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15.02.2020 10:18

Windows 10X: Containers Features, Win32, UWP Apps & Other Features

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Microsoft’s Windows 10X is a new operating system that may seem complicated but offers an amazing user experience. Windows 10X is currently only made for dual-screen or foldable display laptop devices. Microsoft is working to make it less complicated to use to accompany its efficient UI and functions. IFor the developers, Microsoft is releasing emulators to use the apps and get the experience that how it works.

The great thing in Windows 10X is that it supports all types of applications in its containers. Its containers are categorized into three categories. Containers are a useful feature for users using Windows 10X, and this blog will explain how they work. Here is how Windows 10X containers wok:

  1. Experience of Three Containers in One
  2. ...>>>

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