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15.02.2020 09:37

How Your Phone can save Your Life in an Emergency

When you are in trouble or facing some issues, it is not possible to use your phone at that time. But there are some applications built on the phone that can save your life in many ways.

Phones are so important to us and we use them in many ways like calling, messaging, connected to social media, and also get entertainment. But have you ever think that in the wrong situation it will work, yes it can save your life in many ways. Whenever you are in a critical condition or facing some of your phone can help to save your life by dialing 911, all the android phones, and phone device has inbuilt life-saving tools.

Here Are Some Real-Life Examples of Life-Saving Tools

Example 1: -  In the previous year, a young man's life saved via the Android lifesaver tool when he was suddenly suffering from an asthma attack and not able to call doctors or relatives, he dialed 911


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