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10.02.2020 09:36

How to Adjust Default Font Settings in Microsoft Edge

The default font of the Chromium version installed in Microsoft is liked by most of the users. Some users change their font sizes suitable to work and you can adjust the font size on behalf of your uses and views. It has a zoom option that helps you to increase your font size as you like. It is an easy-to-use and convenient way to control font size and style. You can also choose your font style in the default list. If you want to use some different font that is not available in the font list, then you can download it from any website and install it in your system.

Microsoft Edge allows you to change the font size and choose the font style for the system as well as any website. This setting offers you to change the standard font size and font style when the web browser is not providing its customization. Changing font size or changing font is first developed for windows 10, but you can also use it in the old version of macOS and windows. Font changing are beneficial


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