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07.02.2020 11:54

How To Download Torrents Directly On iPhone

Downloading Torrent applications on any other device is so easier than the iPhone. It is near to impossible to download torrent directly on the iPhone device because of the controversial production of torrent files. All the torrent file applications had been banned by Apple to its App Store. So if you are an iPhone user, then you are not able to download the torrent application on your iPhone device directly. However, if you still want to do so, then read through the blog.

Download Torrents On iPhone

Torrent is not directly available for the iPhone, but there are other methods to download the torrent application on iPhone. If you want to break Apple rules or want to download the torrent application, then use the given ways.

You have an option to use online torrent files application to download. Here, you access the iDownload


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