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18.01.2020 04:35

we want you to design the inside of a Kamas Dofus Retro

With this contest, we want you to design the inside of a Kamas Dofus Retro Haven Bag in a theme worthy of the 15 decades. Be as creative as you want and add as much furniture and details as the heart desires.A jury composed of Ankama staff will select winners throughout all communities, basing their votes on various criteria such as creativity, quality of image, humor, motif, attention to detail, and in-game references. Did we mention that there are members of the jury that might have something to do with installation and the design of the DOFUS Haven Bags in-game? Who knows, maybe your motif might make its way to some parts of it, or the game, at any stage. There is just 1 way to find out: allow your creativity run wild!

They talk about him as if he had been a ghost or a legend. Or does he exist in your dreams? What's certain,


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