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12.03.2020 11:47

How to Change the Entire Presentation Format on PowerPoint

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Beyond any doubts, PowerPoint is the best way to make any kind of presentation. To make a presentation, there are several formatting options and features available for the users. In PowerPoint, numerous numbers of tools are available to make a perfect slideshow. If you want to convey anything, then PowerPoint will help you to describe it quickly. You can create any kind of presentation you want, and even if you are looking for creating a bigger project.

People who use PowerPoint are satisfied with this, but sometimes changing the format of presentation and clearing slides one by one can take so much time. If you are confused about the same situation, then you should know is that you don’t need to clear slideshow one by one because it can be clear at once. Just open the PowerPoint presentation


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05.03.2020 10:26

How to Remove Certain Domains From the Firefox DNS Over HTTPS

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Mozilla began introducing DNS above the HTTPS for Firefox to ensure that the DNS decision is reliable. You may also delete certain domains from Firefox DNS over the HTTPS. Firefox provides a large configuration for DoH, mostly for the organizations that depend on the DNS. If you need to delete certain domains from the firefox DNS over HTTPS, then this post might be useful for you. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Delete Certain Domains From Firefox DNS Over HTTPS

Firefox provides the method to insert the specific domain so that they may bypass DNS over the HTTPS. Though you have to insert domains via Firefox configuration manually.


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02.03.2020 12:34

How to Connect the Airpods to Chromebook

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Airpods are the most famous wireless earbuds all around the world. AirPods Pro are introduced with ear tips, noise cancellation, and other more features. The issue with most of the Apple products is that they do connect with non-apple devices. Apple depends on utilizing the technology entirely however, Airpods can attach to other non-iOS devices. So if you have Chromebook and want to connect to Airpods, so it is ensured that you can use Airpods to non-iOS phones. Similarly, for Computer, Android, Kindle Fire, and much more. If you need to connect the Airpods to Chromebook, then you are on the right post. Keep on reading to follow the instructions.

Connect to Chromebook

Chromebooks are the Chrome OS-powered laptops that do not include many features. They


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20.02.2020 09:37

How to fix Common AirPods Issues

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Apple undoubtedly provides numerous features to its users on its variants of gadgets. For seamless sound experience, the AirPods and it’s Pro Edition stands clearly on this commitment.

They provide brilliant sound quality with wireless earbuds however, sometimes the devices don’t work as they are expected In this case, users are recommended to check their devices properly and go through several troubleshooting methods.

Here we are providing several methods to troubleshoot your device to remove the hindrances from your hearing experience.

Steps to Pair New AirPods

If you have purchased a brand new AirPods, you will be required to pair them with your


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15.02.2020 10:18

Windows 10X: Containers Features, Win32, UWP Apps & Other Features

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Microsoft’s Windows 10X is a new operating system that may seem complicated but offers an amazing user experience. Windows 10X is currently only made for dual-screen or foldable display laptop devices. Microsoft is working to make it less complicated to use to accompany its efficient UI and functions. IFor the developers, Microsoft is releasing emulators to use the apps and get the experience that how it works.

The great thing in Windows 10X is that it supports all types of applications in its containers. Its containers are categorized into three categories. Containers are a useful feature for users using Windows 10X, and this blog will explain how they work. Here is how Windows 10X containers wok:

  1. Experience of Three Containers in One
  2. ...>>>

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14.02.2020 11:09

What to Do When Google Suspends Your Business Account

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Google never favours those accounts whose work is against the policy of Google and algorithm. If you did something against the policy of Google, then it will suspend your account for violating the term. Even if you never did it intentionally, they will still suspend because they know people trust them a lot and countless activities in the world are depending on the server of Google. You should have a Google business account on Google Maps as it is greatly beneficial.

With the help of Google my business, you can grow your business. But if your account suspends, then you can face lots of issues as well. Google never tells the person why their account is suspended, and they always show they suspended due to quality issues. There are several things that you need to know if your account is suspended by Google.


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14.02.2020 09:51

How to Restore WhatsApp Chats from iPhone to Android Devices

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In the field of texting and sharing the media WhatsApp can easily be considered the most popular choice. People prefer to use WhatsApp because it’s easy to use and available on both Android and iOS devices. People use WhatsApp for several purposes and sometimes switching devices can be a huge problem for them. It is true that WhatsApp takes the backup in the online drive, but Android and iOS both have different platforms for chatting backup. If you are switching an iOS device to an Android device and WhatsApp chat is essential for you. Then you need to know how to restore WhatsApp chats from iOS to android devices.

iOS devices store the backup of conversation in iCloud drive while Android stores the WhatsApp chat backup in Google drive  That is exactly why restoring chat is a hard


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