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09.01.2020 13:01

Durable Paint Pail Mould

Pail mould/Bucket Mould is suitable in Paint Pail Mould.In order to make good cooling system to keep less cycle time, we suggest to make beryllium copper on the mould.Tell us your request, we will make whole solution for you.We all use high quality tooling to ensure all our mold parts within tolerance, no handwork.

RiXiang Mould has made a lot of Paint Pail Mould.If there is any other strength ribs on the edge of the bucket, then we need to use angle lifts to make the paint bucket mould ejection.Copper Beryllium on the top core and cavity edge leads to the best cooling effect for high-speed injection and minimizes the cycle time.

We will try our best to reduce the cost of the mould according to your special requirements. Through our effective project management, your mould will be ready in the shortest possible time.About mold


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