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24.12.2019 11:24, г. Ames, США Смотреть на карте

The Video Game Evolution of Mario

Mario consistently remains in demand among the children and there is hardly anyone not aware of the Mario video game. Surprisingly Mario was not the lead in his first video game. He was first seen in the year 1981 and he was known as ‘Jumpman’, on that he was working as a carpenter instead of a plumber. From that point to the present time, the journey of a Mario has been interesting, to say the least. For the duration of 30 years, Mario came into more than 200 video games. With the help of this blog, we’ll like to let you know the variety of changes Mario did go through to reach out to the heart of the kids.

Mario’s Evolution

1. Donkey Kong (Arcade) in the year of 1981

None of us could have guessed that Mr. Jumpman being such a small character in the game will become


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