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How to Choose Best Laptop According to Your Need: Laptop Buying Guide

you will get a start-to-end buyers guide, so you can make your own decision. You will have to decide a few of these things before buying a new laptop. You can search for those specifications in the laptop market. Visit several websites to get any possible deals and offers.

First of all, you will have to decide how much performance you actually need from your laptop. After that, you will have to plan your budget. These two factors will determine what type of laptop you should look for. If you are not a hardcore gamer, then sacrificing FPS will save a lot of money.


A laptop screen is the first thing, you will interact with most. There are three types of display: TN, OLED, and IPS. The TN display type is used in older laptops, and OLED panels look amazing. Oled panels are terrible for battery life. You should pick the IPS type display option. Websites and games are tuned for IPS display. If the color is important for you then you can choose SRGB, ADOBE


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Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Netflix’s New Zombie Anime Series

Even in darkness, a familiar voice can make all the difference. Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is a NetFlix original anime series. It will release on July 8, 2021. It is an upcoming CGI anime series based on Resident Evil.

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness

Zombies are going to be back, but we will get more zombies here. It looks like to be on the outside of the white house. There are many important characters in Resident Evil, but Leon and Claire are the most famous characters. Leon was also in Resident Evil 2. He was a cop, and that was his first day on duty. He was in Racoon city.

Based on the trailer, it looks like Leon works for the government. This timeline may be between Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. It looks like fillers between the game’s timeline.

Characters and Artists

There is one bad habit this anime has they change the character’s look over time.


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How to Fix Video Could Not be Decoded Error Message

Whenever you face the ‘video could not be decoded’ error message on your Windows 10 computer, solve it using the guide available on this page. You can install a third-party codec pack on your computer to fix this error. If that doesn’t fix your problem, keep reading this guide, and you will get other solutions to fix it. You can also go for another video editing tool for Windows 10 to decode your videos perfectly without any error.

Some users have noted that Windows 10 is not very efficient in playing videos from different sources. Some people have noted issues while trying to play videos from a DVD. Windows 10’s inbuilt video player has many technical glitches, but not all users face such issues.

It could be very frustrating when you are unable to play a video on your computer. If you are unable to play some particular video formats on your computer, then keep reading, and we will show you how


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The Top 10 Apple AirPods alternatives in 2021

Are you looking for the best Apple AirPods alternatives but don't know where to find them? Your search ends here because this article includes the ten best Apple AirPods alternatives for you. 

Apple AirPods have always been in market trends. They have slowly but indeed grabbed the people's attention. You can find them anywhere near you. You may see AirPods on your one of friends or neighbors' left and right ear. The reason why people love them is their true wireless capability allowing you to connect through Bluetooth. You can use them freely as they haven't any cords or wires to tangle you. The idea behind developing such products is to provide ease of use to people with a busy lifestyle. 

Apart from Apple's AirPods popularity and ease of use, they have some cons. They are pricey, and their basic model doesn't fit everyone. While the basic model isn't ideal for all, the pods are prone to


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How to Download Songs From SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular on-demand music streaming platform. Like other services, you can listen to music, but the best thing about SoundCloud is it allows you to stream your own songs, audio files, and audiobooks. When you ask SoundCloud about your music taste or genres, you get several latest contents on your account as per your preferences. In addition to it, SoundCloud also allows you to listen to podcasts. 

On the other hand, this music platform doesn’t have any commercial interference like other platforms, including Deezer, YouTube, apps, and any other streaming services for free listening. But it is not easy to download songs from SoundCloud. If you are here to get songs from SoundCloud, you are in the right place. Let’s see how you can download songs from SoundCloud. 

What is the official way to download songs from SoundCloud ?


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How To Get Android OS On Computer

Android is popularly used as a smartphone OS. But do you think of using it on a PC? You may be a visionary person as it is possible. You can get Android on your computer. We will guide you to install Android on your PC. With Android on your computer, you can do several tasks like using multiple apps, playing games, and more. 

Installing Android on a PC is handy through tools like virtual device emulators, bootable USB versions, and independent tools such as BlueStacks. All these tools come with pros and cons. You can consider the one based on your needs. Let’s see different ways to get Android on your PC. 

Use Android Studio and the virtual device

Android Studio is an essential tool used for Android development. This tool is used by software developers for tasks like testing applications, entering codes, and handling multiple projects. It is also


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How to Disable Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a popular voice assistant across the platforms. It is designed for making digital life easy and comfortable by scheduling daily tasks, playing music, and answering different types of questions. But this Google virtual assistant also has an odd habit of popping up often without any reason that can be frustrating for many. For this good reason, you can turn it off. Knowing how to turn Google Assistant off also helps when you want to take a break from it. Apart from disabling it, you can customize it properly to get rid of some unwanted activities. Moreover, this post covers everything that you need to know about the topic. 

Turning off Google Assistant

If you don’t want to live with Google Assistant anymore, you can completely shut it down. Follow the below instructions to turn off Google Assistant on your device completely. 


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Top Free Screen Recorders You Can Get in 2021

The screen recorder can easily save the essential videos and meetings as videos for you. Free screen recorder applications have made considerable progress as of late, and there are presently some exceptionally great tools available that can record all that is going on your screen-free and with no disappointing limitation.

The top free screen recorder we've found is OBS Studio, FlashBack Express, etc. These recorders exclusively would be able to record everything occurring on your desktop, yet additionally, capture footage via webcam and use it for picture-in-picture video, and even record sound from a microphone. It additionally gives you the alternative to save your preferred recordings in a format or transfer them through your preferred service.

Here in the article, we have discussed the top free screen recorders for you in 2021. We have compared


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How to Send Messages on WhatsApp Without Saving the Contact Number?

Yeah, you read the title right! Now you can send messages on WhatsApp without actually saving the contact number. WhatsApp is a popular messaging application on the internet, and while it’s highly user-friendly, there’s one niggle that has irritated us for quite some time. How to send a WhatsApp message without adding a contact or sending a WhatsApp message without adding a contact.

Certain third-party apps allow you to send WhatsApp messages without adding contacts, but using these apps is not encouraged because it can jeopardize your security and could result in your WhatsApp account being blocked. Therefore, avoid such programs and not risk the security of your smartphone. Here’s how to send WhatsApp messages without having to add someone to your contact list.

Sending messages to unsaved numbers

The first technique we'll recommend is compatible with both Android and iOS. Here's how you can send


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In Brazil, Criminals Are Stealing iPhones for Hacking

The price of the iPhone always influences thieves. Stealing and selling these phones can always be a beneficial deal for thieves because they always get higher prices for old iPhones. 

But have you ever wondered how it would feel if a thief steals an iPhone not for selling it but for something else? Yes, something similar is being seen in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where thieves are stealing iPhones not to sell them but to find out the account details of users so that they can steal money from the account.

According to Brazil’s Folha de Paulo newspaper, the beginning of the corona epidemic is an important thing seen in the stolen iPhone. People whose iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are being stolen are not only losing their phones but also losing their bank accounts. Earlier the phone was stolen and sold, but now a new gang is stealing iPhones to get access to people’s accounts.


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iPhone 13: What Upgrades Should You Expect

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are the best iPhones launch to date. They sent the iPhones to another level. They introduced 5G, a good design that was not available before, four different models, and also the first wireless charging. Now it will be difficult for Apple to follow up on the success of the iPhone 12. And bring on something better and newer, which is not seen before, and we expect nothing less from Apple.

As far as the rumors go about the new iPhone 13, there will good upgrades that will put the smartphone ahead in the competition to Android or, in some cases, at least catch up to it. So, let’s discuss what’s new from Apple’s newest flagship device based on early rumors and leaks that have come out in few months.

iPhone 13 may get an always-on display of 120Hz


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Oxygen OS 12: Details and Updates

Android 12 is coming soon. All the brands are getting ready to roll out an update based on Android 12. Xiaomi is coming with MIUI 13, Samsung is coming with their next version of fun UI. OnePlus is also coming with an update. It will be Oxygen OS 12.

Oxygen OS 12

Oxygen OS has the best custom skins so far. It is very smooth and fluid. It gives a stock experience. It also comes with customization options. OnePlus is very consistent with its updates.

Below is the list of eligible OnePlus phones for the update to Android 12:

  • OnePlus 6T
  • Oneplus 7
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • ...>>>

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