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25.03.2020 04:37

As mentioned previously Dofus Kamas

As mentioned previously Dofus Kamas, we have also reworked Sacriers' paths give each of its own identity and to make them exceptional and use. Here is how they're organized:The Earth route serves as the melee tanking path, with a Lock bonus, an area-of-effect health steal, harm reduction and charms to get near enemies or maintain them into close-combat range.The Fire route is the path for area-of-effect harm at short range, fine-tuned positioning, and bonuses to both allies, like healing or Power bonuses.The Water route is the path to counter enemies playing long range, with MP and RA reduction, spells based on sight, spells for symmetrical teleportation of the caster, or area-of-effect attraction spells.

The Air route relies on freedom and movement, offering an MP bonus to get your caster, a Lock penalty


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14.02.2020 05:02

Once you get to Dofus Kamas stage

Once you get to Dofus Kamas stage, you begin making a small fortune... and you begin to spend it. On DOFUS Touch, you've got the chance to obtain a Bonus Bundle, which today has a value of about 60 000 Dofus Kamas per week. This Bonus Pack gives you a bonus of fall and xp, it's the equal of the PC model subscription, but that instead of adding articles, it attracts a bonus. As soon as you have your initial 60,000 Dofus Kamas, do not hesitate to purchase it, and take advantage of it into farm more.Retro Dofus servers arrive in a few days! Discover our advices here to approach this new adventure. The first decisive choice for the remainder of your experience is that of your class.

Most importantly, this entails two actions: optimizing Dofus client and using keyboard shortcuts. In terms of keyboard shortcuts, nothing really rocket science. The keys to 7 to throw the 7 charms of your


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