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03.12.2019 06:44

I usually don't use equipment that give me

I usually don't use equipment that give me any sort of <a href="https://www.ezdofus.com/">Dofus Kamas</a> malus like I think that they will, since these shields work I suppose I'll take the + Spell Defense - Weapon Defense. Since because only PvE Dofus player look like the ideal choice, monster do not have"weapon" kind of attacks, and because I avoid PvP I will never see the consequence of it.However since today I say I guess more people will follow the exact same tactic, or ANKAMA has a strategy to counter it and again make the life of us Mono PvE Dofus player tougher.

And I need to have the ability to use defenses with a two-handed weapon. I don't believe, given the distinctive bonuses they'll provide, that you should be blocked because you choose a two handed weapon, from using them. There just are not that many weapon options for some set. Just about all are two-handed.


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