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29.02.2020 09:25

A stream on our Dofus Kamas Twitch channel

A stream on our Dofus Kamas Twitch channel just finished, covering details on Osamodas class improvements and the forthcoming Sacrier. Here's a summary of the modifications that are overall you will have the ability to try as of this upcoming Thursday, May 16th out. The Beta server will start sometime in the afternoon on that day. Using their new charge mechanic that is summon, Osamodas will now need to use their Elemental Spells to be able to summon their monsters. The objective of these changes would be to get Osamodas to take part together with their summons in combat, rather. This is their course summons can be currently controlled by Osamodas. These changes will be accompanied by a range of new elemental spells which produce monotonous functions and should create version choices.

Suffering will depend on the Vitality of the Sacrier, to make the system more exciting and flexible. Each


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