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07.11.2019 09:45

How to Use Apple TV App in Mac

We all want our familiar gadgets to be perfect, so Apple introduced the Apple TV app to enhance our iOS and Mac experience. Now you can watch your favorites channel with just a click on the wonderful Apple TV app. It is coming with macOs Catalina and it can be synced with your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. If you are using your iPad and its battery went down, then you do not need to worry about searching for the exact time stamp you left on. The app will be continuing from where you left.

So here are the steps to use this app on Mac or in any Apple device you want.

How to Add Movies and Shows on the TV App

If you want to Add Movies and Shows on the TV App, then you can follow the provided steps

  • Launch the TV app.
  • Play your desired shows or entertainment in the app.
  • ...>>>

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