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12.02.2020 04:19

Tips of Rank Up from Bronze to Champion in Rocket League

Rocket League, the most popular soccer game around the world, has attracted tons of global players since release in July 2015. Each player is playing hard to improve skills so as to have a higher level. As we all know, it is not easy to rank up high in Rocket League. Here are some key skills to help you get high ranks.

While playing this sought-after game, you should stop caring about what rank you are. What you should do is to play the game for fun and you should not be upset if your rank is degraded because it sometimes occurs. Let us have a close look at the guides for each rank.

Bronze to Silver

The most important thing to rank up from Bronze to Silver is learning how to defend. You should make sure you are able to save 100% of the shots in the Rookie Goalkeeper training pack, about 70% of the


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16.12.2019 06:01

Beginners Guide - Path of Exile

Path of Exile has been out for quite some time now. That being said, the dungeon delving RPG has earned a new resurgence of players since the game’s recent release on the PlayStation 4. With that in mind, we have crafted a quick guide to the basics of Path of Exile. Check it out below.


On the surface, Path of Exile looks quite a lot like Blizzard Entertainment’s critically acclaimed Diablo 2. The game features a similar focus on loot and slaying massive hoards of enemies. That being said, Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile is truly its own invention.

The game offers quite a few unique features, which will each be discussed here. This guide is designed with new players in mind, as it draws attention to the basics of the title. With that in mind, any new player looking to get in on Path of Exile should definitely check out these quick facts, tips


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23.11.2019 04:51

Full Guide - CSGO Guide

Inside the Counter Strike: Global Offensive-universe are not only different weapons to play, they can look different aswell. If you wanna get your hands on some CSGO Skins there are different possibilities, we will be talkin about right here.

The Origin of CSGO Skins

On the 26th of April 2013 Valve released the first Operation, Operation Payback. With this operation-update CSGO Skins finally arrived in the game. By playing the operation-missions you could recieve a skin-case, which had to bo opened with a key. That key was only available on the steam market and cost a certain amount of money.

In case you got lucky you would get a rare skin out of the box. That skin could have been sold on the steam community market or be uses inside Counter Strike: Global Offensive.


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05.11.2019 04:52

Getting Started with Madden Ultimate Team NFL 20

If you have never played MUT before, Madden NFL 20 does an excellent job guiding you through the early process of playing MUT. You'll be asked to pick a team for your first pack of cards, with your set favorite team being default. This will also set your initial uniforms, stadium, and coach to match the team. If you played MUT in Madden NFL 19 and still have the same player account, your team name will carry over, but otherwise you'll be starting from scratch.Your first pack will contain a shell of a team comprised mainly of players ranked in the low- to mid-60s, so you'll want to upgrade them quickly. Madden NFL 20 throws you immediately into a few challenges at low difficulties. When you beat those challenges, you'll get more card packs.After that, you'll be sent to the main MUT hub. There you can review and rename your team, and you'll likely have some card packs to open if you've played MUT before or pre-ordered Madden NFL 20. Note that you can hold onto as many card packs as you want


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18.10.2019 04:19

Guide & Tips Dribble in NBA 2K20

That is the key thing that has changed here and what you will need to adjust to. You will still be able to customize your animations however you want fully, but now there are more of them for different situations.

Cuts, pick and rolls, hesitation moves, inverted moves, you will need to get used to having different animations for these motions and more. The concept of situational dribbling animations is fantastic, because if it gives players more freedom to react in different ways in a one on one compared to a pick and pop play.

Not only that, but overdribbling not only depletes stamina faster, but it makes you more likely to get the ball stolen or mishandle it into a bad situation. This is likely in response to the last four years (or more) of players who did not have the ball or played non-ball dominant positions being forced


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