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10.02.2020 10:46

How to Download iOS 13.4 Developer Beta 1 on iPhone

Apple is introducing iOS 13.4 with advanced and latest features that need third party infusion. To start the procedure a developer beta has been released so that engineers can be all set to start creating great software. If you need to download iOS 13.4 developer beta 1 to the iPhone, then this post might be useful for you. Go through the entire blog and then follow instructions to execute it.

What’s Different in iOS 13.4

Apple has dropped a beta version of the iOS 13.4. If you have awaited a lot for the latest version and excited to use it, then go further and download the new version.

How to Make Archived Backup of iPhone

Before you start the process, ensure that you have backup your device. As the beta procedure is quite simple, however, if you make any changes to your phone, you may face issues. And because of the personal


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