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iPhone Camera Not Working? Here’s How You Can Fix It

Most of the time, iOS devices work just fine. But there may be a time when you face some issues with your iPhone or iPad camera. For instance, there are some iPhone users who have reported some issues with the camera.

Some users have reported that when they launch the camera app to capture images or record videos, the app sometimes becomes unresponsive. In some cases, when the user launches the app, all they get is a black screen. Well, if you are also facing such problems with your iOS device, there is no need to worry now. This issue can be solved quickly. Here, in the following article, we have mentioned simple tricks that you can try to fix the camera issue on your iPhone. To see the techniques, all you need to do is go through this entire post.

Simple Tricks to Fix Camera Not Working Issues on iPhone


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Can’t Browse iPhone Photos in Windows 10? Here are the Fixes

When you connect an iPhone or device, it will show in File Explorer beneath the Devices and Drives section. Users can choose their iPhones in File Explorer to search via their videos and photos of the camera. But according to some users, they are complaining that when they connect their iPhones, it does not show in File Explorer. If you are one of those who deal with the same issue, then follow this blog.

Reinstall the Apple Mobile Device Driver

To reinstall the Apple mobile device driver, pursue these on-screen steps provided below:

  1. At first, connect the phone to the laptop or desktop.
  2. Thereafter, reach the Windows search bar and type ‘device manager’ into it and press the Enter button to launch the Device Manager.
  3. ...>>>

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Different Ways To Delete Contacts On An iPhone

When you use your iPhone for a long time, it may get overloaded with extensive contacts. Some of the contacts that get collected over time may be useful for you or not because you forget to call or text them. That is why it is good to delete the contacts that are not important to you to make contacts lists fresh and updated.

This post will teach you to delete unwanted contacts from your iPhone. With the help of this post, you can delete one or multiple contacts in no time. Let's see the practical ways to delete contacts from an iPhone.

How to delete only a single contact?

If you have to delete one or two contact information, follow the below instructions. These instructions will not help you to delete multiple contacts at a time. If you have to delete multiple contacts,


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