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How to Use the Clock App on Your iPhone

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Siri is a great tool to manage and control iPhone tasks, apps, widgets, notes, etc., with ease. Some users think they can’t use and manage the Clock app using the Apple’s assistance, but the reality is far from this. Siri is one of the best and advanced AI available to users. You can control your clock and time better with just your voice through the assistance of Siri.

You can also track various time-zones by requesting Siri for the same. We are here to guide you on using the Clock app and managing your time accordingly with your voice on your iPhone. To know more, read all the steps carefully:

Checking Time of Any City, You Want using Siri


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How to Connect Roku with Alexa

The Roku streaming device provides a plethora of video content and ensures that users get good entertainment from its platform. Roku offers streaming support through different Smart TVs and PCs. However, one can also use Amazon Alexa to give commands for the Roku streaming service. Using Amazon Alexa, Roku renders more comfortability to users in terms of getting automation. Thus, it adds a supercool quotient to the Roku streaming device. Let’s learn from this article the method to connect Roku with Alexa.

Source: https://pcmagspot.com/how-to-connect-roku-with-alexa/

Alexa Gadgets That Supports Roku

Many Alexa-enabled devices that support the Roku streaming service are listed below:

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Free Movie Streaming App Roku Launched on Amazon Fire TV

Each one of us possesses the quality to find services that cost nothing in return. If not for free, we try to bargain at markets, stores, etc. If you’re a huge fan of streaming content online, you must be familiar with the Roku Channel that is a one-stop-shop to stream content from different online platforms, that too for free.

The Roku Channel was introduced in 2008 in collaboration with Netflix and was limited to Roku devices only. Therefore, with time the platform expanded itself for desktop and mobile browsers. Not only this, but recently, a separate Roku app got released for iOS and Android users.

Hold on, that road hasn’t ended yet! The Entertainment company Roku has now come up with ‘The Roku Channel,’ which is available for Fire TV devices. In simple words, the app is available to download through the Amazon App Store for Fire TV.


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