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How to Fix Discord Overlay Flickering?

Some users might experience Discord overlay flickering on their computer screen, which could be very frustrating. This problem can occur due to certain reasons such as applications' interference, wrong settings and configurations, and others.

If Discord overlay flickers on your computer as well, then you might be searching for a solution to fix it. You have come to the right place if you wish to fix the flickering issue on Discord.

Discord is an online chatting tool to communicate with people meanwhile using other apps. It has an overlay function that lets you chat with people even while playing games or using other applications. It is a perfect collaboration tool for gamers and office professionals.

If you haven't tested this software yet, you must do it now since it is one of the most popular social chatting tools.


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A Guide To Get Coordinates From Google Maps

Are you looking for ways to find GPS coordinates from Google Maps? You are in the right place. This post will teach you ways to get GPS coordinates from Google Maps. Here you will also learn the ways to use the coordinates. You can take advantage of this guide on internet browsers and Android & iOS devices. Let’s see the steps to get location coordinates from Google Maps. 

Getting coordinates from Google Maps on a computer

Getting coordinates from Google Maps is straightforward using a web browser on a PC. Use the below steps to find GPS coordinates. 

  • Access an internet browser on your computer and visit the official site of Google Maps. Here any browser can work.
  • Choose the location you wish to find GPS coordinates.
  • ...>>>

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How Devices Find Your Physical Location Using Wi-Fi

Is it possible to find your physical location using tech devices that haven't inbuilt GPS hardware? It may be possible with Wi-Fi. Let's see how it works. 

GPS and Location Services

Location Services come as a built-in system with operating systems like Android, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Mac OS, and iOS. When an app wants to access your location, it actually wants to know your OS's Location Services. 

Advanced Location Services follow different methods like GPS to access your physical location. If a GPS doesn't work, Location Services use some other approach to get a location. Let's understand how devices find a location when GPS doesn't work. If your mobile device utilizes a cellular signal, the location can be found using a signal source tower. The location can also be guessed as per relative


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Everything to know about Android Notification Channels

Notifications have always been important for Android. They have both advantages and disadvantages. To make the user experience better, Android offers a feature which is known as Notification Channels. This feature systematically organizes the notifications.

With the rapid development of Android apps, notifications have also evolved. Due to the lack of smart ways, notifications weren't manageable in the old days. But over time, managing apps and notifications became easier.

You may wish to receive notification for a particular service from an app. Many apps provide granular notification management tools, but only some apps follow them. That is why the feature called Notification Channels was introduced to allow users to control notifications.

More about Android Notification Channels


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Different Ways To Delete Contacts On An iPhone

When you use your iPhone for a long time, it may get overloaded with extensive contacts. Some of the contacts that get collected over time may be useful for you or not because you forget to call or text them. That is why it is good to delete the contacts that are not important to you to make contacts lists fresh and updated.

This post will teach you to delete unwanted contacts from your iPhone. With the help of this post, you can delete one or multiple contacts in no time. Let's see the practical ways to delete contacts from an iPhone.

How to delete only a single contact?

If you have to delete one or two contact information, follow the below instructions. These instructions will not help you to delete multiple contacts at a time. If you have to delete multiple contacts,


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A Guide to View and Edit Apple Notes on Windows 10

Are you looking for ways to view and edit Apple Notes on your Windows 10 PC but don't know how to do it without having a native app? This article is for you. This article provides some methods to access notes from Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac) on Windows 10 without any built-in app. Let's learn about the ways that will help you access notes on Windows 10 computers. 

How to access Apple Notes through iCloud

If you want to take advantage of Apple-developed services like Apple Notes on other manufacturer's devices, you will need to use the iCloud website. To view Apple Notes on Windows 10, visit the iCloud website from your Windows computer. 

To get notes from Apple devices, you will have to make sure that Apple devices' notes should be synced to iCloud. Moreover, follow the below instructions to sync Apple Notes to iCloud.


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How to Terminate the Critical Service Failed Error on Windows 10

If you see the ‘critical service failed’ error message on your computer screen, it means you are either running an incompatible application or have connected an incompatible device. You can also get the problem on your PC if you have not updated the drivers. If you have accidentally changed something in your computer’s system files, it could also be a reason for it. Whatsoever, we have mentioned some practical tips in this article for troubleshooting the critical service failed error.

Solving Critical Service Failure on Windows 10

  1. Using System Restore

If you follow the below instructions, you might be able to resolve the error pretty efficiently:

  • First of all, restart your computer a few times, and you will redirect to the boot options screen.


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