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19.07.2019 09:34

How to Block or Unblock Songs and Artists on Tidal

Смотреть 'How to Block or Unblock Songs and Artists on Tidal'

It is not surprising if you do not want to listen to Chris Brown or R. Kerry anymore. Hence, Tidal has offered a way to tackle this. The music streaming service lets users block any song or singer from showing up on curated playlists. While the users will still be able to look up the singer, their new album or released number will show up on the main tab. But the artist will not show up in playlists, customized radio stations, and My Mix. Hence, if you want, then you can easily block any artist or song from Tidal.

Source: http://aunotronnorton.com/how-to-block-or-unblock-songs-and-artists-on-tidal/


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