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12.07.2019 16:01, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

The geometric tribal design of shoulder bags

Смотреть 'The geometric tribal design of shoulder bags'

The shoulder bags have been famous lately due to the beautiful colors and patterns used in it. The tribal people have certain flair in their hands which results in unique pieces of art we see around us. The beautiful geometric designs that are visible in vibrant colors attract attention and give a symmetric touch to the look of the product. The zigzag lines produce a beautiful effect that catches the gaze of an onlooker. The rhombus formed in multitude by the cross design of lines has different colors filled in them using threads of different hues. Purchase this unique Balti gomthi cotton shoulder bag available at Tribes India website.

Attractive and in demand

The bags feature a strap of different fabric from the material used for the body of the bad which gives a contrasting effect. These designs originate


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