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Solingen Paladins with a small damper

Arguably Terminuss greatest ability is his ultimate, Reanimate. During Reanimate, Terminus returns to life after death and in doing so deals 4000 damage to enemies in the surrounding area. The surprising nature of Reanimate and its high amount of damage make it the perfect ultimate for clearing a point and tipping the scale of an attack to your team’s favour, as the damage the ultimate deals is enough to kill the majority of champions or leave them extremely weak, making them easy kills.

The last of Terminus’s offensive abilities is Shatterfall. This is an ability that allows him to leap into the air and ground slam enemies with his axe. Those affected will lose 500 damage and will be slowed by 60% for 2 seconds. Terminus is also equipped with a shield that absorbs all types of enemy ranged attacks and charges Calamity blasts for every 1200 damage absorbed. This essentially gives Terminus the ability to send any damage you throw at him right back at you, making him a good pick for


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