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04.07.2019 10:34, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

The Simplicity of Khadi

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Khadi  the fabric is a national treasure of the nation. Its origins go back to the Swadeshi movement, and the white color has always symbolized purity. The khadi comprises of natural fibers which are hand woven using cotton. Some other variants also include silk and wool. The khadi carried great importance during the time of independence and had become a source for self-reliance. The khadi brought individuality for the Indians and gave them the freedom to weave their garments and save money and resources instead of lavishly buying foreign clothing. Buy this beautiful piece of women khadi embroidery A-line kurta at Tribes India website.

The unique fashion revolution

This cloth is deemed sacred and has helped shape the country’s economy as it employed people. Khadi has received significant recognition in


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