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16.04.2021 06:33

5 Common Web Design Myths You Must Avoid!

We all know the importance of having a quality web design in this digital age. People around the world are spending more time than ever using their phones, laptops, etc. - around three hours daily, as per reports.

Your brand's website is most probably the first place prospects will come across your business. Your website design not only communicates information about your products or services but also reflects your style, relevance, and values. While suggestions for how an ideal web design should be omnipresent, various common misconceptions do rounds on the internet as well. In this blog, we will discuss five common  web designing  myths (and what you should consider instead) that you need to strictly steer clear of as they could potentially harm your business and bottom line alike.


While there might be generational or socioeconomic


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13.04.2021 12:27

Why a Website Is Essential for Making Your Business Successful

The majority of customers today are searching for information on the internet that will help them make wiser buying decisions. As a matter of fact, 4/5th of the consumers worldwide will perform product research before making an online or in-store purchase. This purchasing behavior itself highlights how valuable websites are for businesses nowadays.

If you wish to make your business successful in the present-day marketplace, having a professional website is a must. Websites today serve as the backbone of companies that support all their digital marketing efforts. In this blog, we will discuss why a website is vital for your business success and everything you need to know about getting started with a professional site.


The vital role a website plays in marketing expands to each facet of your digital marketing strategy. As the pillar of your online presence, each ad, piece of content,


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17.02.2021 19:16

Understanding Consumer Psychology: The Key to Making a Web Design That Wins

Have you come across dubious pop-up ads and notifications while browsing websites? How many times has that happened? Plenty, we guess.

Back when businesses had just started out with online marketing, frauds and flashy emails became quite common. Internet users would be continuously flooded with exasperating and aggressive ads that didn’t make any sense at all.

And do you know what the worst part about all this was? These apparently senseless and infuriating ads actually worked! Users would click on these dubious pop-ups expecting to win a free iPhone, millions of dollars, and so on.

But today, things have changed entirely. People have become smarter than ever. Even though users are still flooded with such in-your-face ads, they are no longer naive enough to even think for a moment


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23.01.2021 07:46

5 Top Web Design Trends That Will Storm the Web This Year

Last year turned out to be a turbulent period, from the everlasting pandemic to a new surge of movements demanding social justice to a highly disputed presidential election. While most of us fail to realize how wider social events and technological developments influence design, web designers must be informed about broader trends, mainly when designing sites for the rapidly changing web.

As we have stepped into a new year and are about to start designing for the web, we must take several rising trends into account springing from last year. From a more significant emphasis on inclusive design to offering more immersive web experiences, these emerging trends will plan the future for web design in 2021 and beyond.

What follows is a list of five top web design trends that we think will dominate the internet in 2021. However, if you wish to utilize these web designs in your work, ensure that you have the appropriate


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30.12.2020 16:36

A Layman’s Guide to Choosing Website Color Schemes

Colors play a crucial role when it comes to branding and web designing.

Wondering why?

According to research, the majority of snap buying decisions are virtually powered by color perception.

As far as websites are concerned, the first impression matters a great deal. Therefore, picking the right color scheme for your site is crucial to make it catchy, appealing, reliable, and rewarding.

Be careful while choosing the colors to add to your website color scheme. Different colors will convey different messages to your site visitors, which will modify their perception of your website, whether it was intended or not.


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09.12.2020 16:21, Великобритания Смотреть на карте

How Does Responsive Web Design Benefit Your SEO

Mobile internet accessibility and usability are increasing with each passing year. More and more people are turning to mobiles to browse the web. And with this shift, it is self-evident that websites need to fulfill the user expectations for a seamless and suitable experience.

Plus, this year, stats show how relevant mobile devices have become in people’s day-to-day lives amid the whole pandemic situation. Still, have any doubts regarding the importance of having a responsive web design for your site’s SEO in today’s world?

No worries! In this blog, we will discuss the five excellent ways in which a responsive web design works in favor of your website’s SEO and helps boost its performance in search results.


Mobile internet users are typically running out of patience, yearning for immediate solutions to their problems – which in no way implies that desktop users are fond of wasting their


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01.12.2020 17:14

E-Commerce Web Design: 6 Best Practices for a Positive Customer Experience

People can form an opinion about your website in a fraction of a second, which means first impressions do matter.

A vast majority of customers have agreed that businesses should have a good quality website, as per a recent survey. And even more so, if your target market comprises millennials and Gen Z.

You can make sure that your existing, as well as potential customers, have a positive experience with your brand by implementing these best practices. Here are six eCommerce website design factors that can significantly influence what prospects think about your site and brand.

Consistent Branding

A person familiar with your company will naturally anticipate your website to reflect your brand’s style and personality. Plus, you wouldn’t want them to land on your site and ask themselves whether they are in the right place or not. Therefore, the first and foremost step you should


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