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26.06.2019 14:36, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

The charm of Thangka painting

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The Thangka painting has been a popular art form made on cotton in the Buddhist community. It depicts deities and mandalas. Silk is introduced as a side attraction and for preservation purposes for the painting. The Thangka paintings stay free of a frame and get rolled when not being displayed. This painting gets stored in dry surroundings due to the material used for canvas. The sizes of the magnificent paintings differ as they range from extremely big to relatively small. Buy your favourite Buddhist Thangka painting at Tribes India website.

The peaceful vibes

The small paintings are not usually used for exhibition purposes as they are made for the personal collection by the artists. The larger paintings stay in the museums or in the monasteries. There is one painting that is very famous for


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