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24.06.2019 10:01, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

The rising demands for Rajasthani handbags

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The Rajasthani are known for their beautiful art pieces that reflect their fantastic creativity. They have been making art products for several years which have been in demand for years. The Mughal influence is visible in the art forms they produce, and the royal Rajputs have been great patrons who were known to be regular clients of these artists. The kings used to hire these artisans for their skills and used to promote their art, encouraging the artists to produce more output. It employed Rajasthani artists and helped them financially. Grab this lovely piece of Rajasthani tribal handbag red cotton with embroidered resham dori shoulder U-shaped handbag at Tribes India website.

The trend of coloured threads

The handbags have seen a meteoric rise in demands as urban


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