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The appeal of Pithora handicrafts

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The Pithora art dates back to the cave paintings that are a thousand year old. The styles range changes within each Bhil group and hold tremendous social significance. Pithora art features seven horses which portray seven hills surrounding Rathwas region. It comes enclosed inside a rectangular boundary in this painting. The rectangle stretches to the Arabian Sea in the west to Bharuch in the south, Indore in the north and the east. The line depicts river Narmada that flows through the painting. This cotton coster pithora Gujarat handicraft (multi-colored) is design derived from the pithora art. You can buy it at the website of Tribes India.

The elements in the art

Other environment things such as field and farms along with the wildlife flora and fauna, also the celestial bodies are portrayed in the map according


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The artistic shine of tribal metal handicrafts

Of The  the tribal  people have Been a Significant part of Our country and have contributed and Traditional Cultural Exchanges to the add to an Already diverse heritage The of the the nation. This is a way to live peacefully with nature. It has been noted that the tribal people have been Lost casting of the brass handicrafts. This is a huge fan base for those skilled artisans. This is a piece of handcrafted iron mask. Buy it at Tribes India website.

The subject themes and inspirations

The tribes such as dhokra are famous for their achievements in metal handicrafts. They are known to create thin figures which have become a signature of them. Long slender figures give their art a level of intricacy that looks very appealing. They have made bell metal products with decorative designs and detailed carvings. These theme subjects of the tribal metal handicrafts range from animals to nature and also mythology. The figure of deities are a favorite


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