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20.06.2019 14:15, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

The artistic touch in the Dhokra handicrafts

The Dhokra art dates back to 5000 years. The tribal art technique is perfected by the Bengal metalsmiths. The dhokra tribes have faced plenty of hardships in their time but their passion for the art has been alive. The Dhokra art is basically striking metal figures that are designed with the bronze alloys and copper alloys incorporating a technique called lost wax casting. Many processes take place before the final product is made which can consume a lot of time from days to months. You might be interested to buy the handcrafted Dhokra pen stand available at Tribes India website.

The transformation of the dhokra art

The Dhokra art has its roots in Bengal and the tribes have moved to different places such as Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa. Some of them have even traveled to Rajasthan or Kerala and settled there. One of the oldest examples of the artifacts is the dancing girl of Mohenjo- Daro. The tribe has infused their style into everyday utilities such as lamps and bowls.


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