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5 Methods to Fix the PowerPoint File Size Problem

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PowerPoint is among the most well-known and used software around the globe. The software offers numerous useful features that the user can avail at any time. However, some issues might occur when you try to share a presentation file. Have you ever failed to share a presentation file because of its excessive size? The larger file size can be fatal as it will be hard to upload on the server, especially on Gmail and other mailing services. This article will show you how to fix this problem with simple step by step tutorial.

Method 1: Compress the Images of Your PPT

The images are the primary factor that influences the size of a presentation file. In order to reduce the size of your PPT, first, you should reduce the size of your images.


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18.06.2019 10:06, г. Apetlon, Австрия Смотреть на карте

How to Create a Photo Collage With PowerPoint

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PowerPoint is generally used to make slideshows for personal and business purposes, but some people do not know how to create a photo collage with PowerPoint. This article will help you complete this procedure easily in your PowerPoint file.

Steps to Create a Photo Collage With PowerPoint

•    Launch a new blank document by going to the PowerPoint.

•    Choose the “Insert” option.

•    After that, press on the Pictures option.

•    Search for an image which you wish to place in the photo collage.

•    Click on the Control and A keys together for choosing all the images provided in the album.


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