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Simple Methods for Fixing the Excel Error Code Stdole32.tlb

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Microsoft office provides the users with tools to compute the tasks at a fast pace and also allows them to create spreadsheets using the Excel application. Many businesses make use of the  office.com/setup  package. However, there are some issues related to office applications such as  excel error stdole32.tlb  which can be resolved by following the directions given below.

 Repairing the Application
  • You can repair the excel application to resolve the error code stdole32.tlb for this, you can go to the Start tab and click on the control panel. Further, you can select the program's sections to reveal the installed programs on your system. Here you can locate the excel application from the list of the installed program.
  • ...>>>

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Methods For Fixing The Error Code 5.7.1 For Email Delivery Issues In Office 365

Microsoft  office.com/setup  program is the ideal package for computing tasks, use by multinational companies and personal users all over the globe. There are issues related to security settings that create email delivery problems in the office 365 edition. You can read about the steps given here for fixing the error 5.7.1.

Removing The Restrictions For The Sender
  • You can change the settings in group for unblocking the sender And add the sender to the list that includes the allowed senders. You will require creating a mail user or contact for representing the external sender in the organization.
  • The sender appears to be restricte as they are external or outside of your organization. you can configure the settings in the group for accepting the messages from the outside senders. In case a mail flow rule has been configured, which s otherwise called transport rule for restricting the group of


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Simple Methods To Fix The Office Error Code 0-3

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Microsoft office has come a long since its release. Microsoft is a huge brand when it comes to technology, and they have made constant innovation in this field to come up with superior products. The www.office.com/setup package is no exception. The new features are impressive that come with every new release this package is one of the most popular software up to date. It gets used by countless companies and innumerable personal users spread across the globe. But there are a minor few instances where some errors occur while using the software such as the office error code 0-3, which can be fixed by following the instructions provided.

Checking The Hard Disk For Available Space
  • This error often occurs when trying to install the office.com/setup and suddenly the pop up appears stating the installation cannot


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CloudM Announces Innovative CloudManager Product for Microsoft

CloudM, a global market-leading software house has announced that its Cloud Manager product is now available worldwide for Microsoft Office 365.

CloudManager is now used by more than 2,000 organisations and over 1 million individuals worldwide and will now allow individuals to manage and monitor their Microsoft Office 365 domain. 

The product authorizes individuals across both smaller and enterprise organizations from automating complex admin tasks for IT managers and administrators to enable seamless collaboration for end individuals

This announcement follows the news that CloudM’s migration product, CloudMigrator, is now obtainable on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

CloudManager connects the migration technology of sister product CloudMigrator, meaning businesses can


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Apex legends season 2: all in the new battle pass

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Now you will see all in Apex Legends season 2 battle pass, featuring legends, skins, and events. The Apex legends new season 2 has arrived with a brand new title: Battle Charge. Similar to season 1, the season 2 features new cosmetics and legends and unique events that help to freshen the elements this summer in the battle royale. Season 2 features the Respawn’s born again battle pass, which gives great rewards and several options for players to earn these rewards. Season 2 is an exciting addition and is anticipated to receive high recognition from the fans.

The additions in season 2 Apex legends battle pass

The apex legends, battle pass season 2 has come with significant improvements following season 1. It features brand new rewards such as music packs that start playing the moment you win or drop. It also


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