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23.07.2020 05:34

How Is The Quality Of The Open Type Rotary Screen Printer?

        Manual screen printers and Open Type Rotary Screen Printer are the three screen printers currently on the market. The key to their classification is to distinguish them based on the level of automation technology of the screen printing machine, in which the development trend and historical time are all carried out in the stated order. At this stage, open rotary screen printers are commonly used in the sales market, but manual screen printers and open rotary screen printers have not faded. There is still a certain degree of influence in the sales market. Naturally, today's protagonist is still an open rotary screen printing machine. The key today is for everyone to talk about how to pay attention to the application of open rotary screen printing machines.

        Why people should pay attention to the application of open rotary screen printing machine, because although the screen printing machine is convenient and simple to use, it does not mean that users


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