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28.05.2019 11:07, г. Дели, Индия Смотреть на карте

Various Tribal Paintings That Are Popular In India

All the tribal paintings that are quite popular are drawn by Indian ethnic human tribes. From onegeneration to another, these tribal paintings have been properly taught by depicting cycles of humanand the core of our existence. The prime theme of Indian tribal paintings is our major life cycle of harvest, celebration, farming, birth, death, marriage, and the mother earth’s five basic elements.

When tribal paintings are been gifted require some specific kind of thinking because not only your personal viewpoint is been reflected but it should also completely  connect with the way of the receiver’s personality and life. For the tribal painting to fulfil its purpose, a perfect balance of such kind of judgment is required.

All the popular paintings of Indian tribe basically differ from style to style and region to region. Today’s quite prominent tribal paintings are given below:-


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