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19.08.2019 22:23

How to Change Your Fortnite Name

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Epic Games is becoming more popular day by day. In case you wish to change the name of the display on your Epic Games which contains Fortnite, then you need to follow the instructions mentioned below. You can change your Fortnite name by verifying email and changing the display name.

SOURCE:  How to Change Your Fortnite Name , Wire IT Solutions

Here's how to change your Fortnite name

Verifying Email


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01.08.2019 19:26

How to View the IP Address of a Website in Smartphone and Computer

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Internet Protocol (Internet Protocol) address. Some websites have only one where I can use it. Sometimes knowing the IP address, the bypass site blocking programs, and much more. Finding a website for customers, as browsers, usually doesn’t show them. However, it’s not a bad thing.

SOURCE: How to View the IP Address of the Smartphone and Computer 

Here is the IP address of a website in mobiles and computers.

How to view a website's IP address on Windows computer

You need to use the command line address on your computer. Here is how.

1. Search for 'Command Prompt' or 'cmd' with the Start menu. Press the "Start" button.


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22.07.2019 20:39

How to Unblock and Access a Blocked Website

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Bans and restrictions on websites are really annoying. Once a website is blocked for you, you can’t even open it. If you still want to use these sites, then there are some ways.

SOURCE:  How to Unblock and Access a Blocked Website  ,  Wire-IT Solutions

Various ways to unblock a blocked website:

• Search with IP address

• Use your Mobile

• Load an older version of the website

• Open with anonymous web proxy

• Try to use the website for another region.


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09.07.2019 20:42

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Devices of 2019

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Today's smartphones are capable of recording full-HD or ultra-HD videos. We don’t realize our smart phones because they are part of our lives. We no longer have to carry videos.

SOURCE:  Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android Devices of 2019Wire-IT Solutions

But don't you? They actually can be a full production studio. To convert your smartphone into a production studio, you need to install an Android video editor.

Today, apps for Android. These apps can also be installed.

1. CyberLink- PowerDirector

Have you ever used a video editing application in your PC? If yes, then you can be familiar


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02.07.2019 19:22

5 Best Google Home Apps in 2019

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Google Home applications can control Chromecast Ultra and Chromecast Audio, speakers, TV, and more. Many electronic devices can be operated and controlled with these Google Home apps. Here’s the list of best five apps for your Google Home.

1. Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, iHeartRadio

These are several music and radio apps with Google Home Support. These music apps are used by millions of users around the world. The apps are designed for music lovers, music enthusiasts, singers, and composers. This music app’s collection provides hundreds of categories of new and old songs. All of these applications work well with Google Assistant and Google Home. The apps contain a vast variety of music streaming options with hundreds of categories.


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21.06.2019 20:35

How to Use the Microsoft Forms App

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Forms has been around, has been around for quotations, opinion polls, and even a survey. In the case of Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Forms.

 Still, it’s a bit hard to spot at once. If you are using a Microsoft Form, then you can use the Microsoft Forms.

  1. Creating A Form

Microsoft Forms allows you to create a form. It includes options like Text, Rating, Ranking, Net Promoter Score, Date, and Multiple Options.

An individual can use these options according to their requirements. Do you want to achieve your goal? If your form includes multiple choice questions, then you should opt out of the Multiple option. Interestingly enough, Microsoft Forms automatically wont


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24.05.2019 17:43

Proven Ways to Hide Photos on Android

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Your phone gallery consists of There are no problems with your phone. Me images, or loved one. It’s possible to hide your Android phone. There are various ways to discuss your phone.

Through third-party apps

Hide it in the third-party apps. These are the best apps for you:

1. Keepsafe Vault

Keepsafe Vault allows you to keep your photos encrypted and password protector. Even this app. This onscreen icon of this app. Once you’ve seen your phone’s app icon This is a vaping of 20 seconds. 

2. Vaulty


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