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25.02.2020 05:17

Characteristics Of Bakelite Parts For Automobiles

According to its main uses, Bakelite Parts for automobiles can be divided into two types: functional parts and structural parts.

Functional parts are independent parts that work by taking advantage of some special physical and chemical properties of materials, such as plastic oil bearing.

Structural members are covers, mountings, shells, beam frames, etc. that work according to the mechanical properties of the applied materials.

However, this division is also relative, and it is usually one of the two.  On the basis of ensuring the required physical and chemical properties, functional parts or functional parts usually have to meet certain structural requirements, such as plastic hinges, plastic leaf springs, etc.  On the premise of ensuring certain mechanical properties, structural members must also meet the requirements


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18.02.2020 05:15

Bakelite Parts Stretching Process

With the development of society, the products of phenolic plastic parts have developed into various fields. We also have the shadow of phenolic plastic parts in our daily life.  Phenolic plastic parts have a wide variety of products and are used in various industries.  Today, I would like to talk briefly about metal plate parts.

Sheet Metal Parts are a stamping process in which materials are drawn and formed. Drawing is one of the main stamping processes and is widely used in various industries. Drawing processes can be used to manufacture irregular thin-wall phenolic plastic parts such as cylindrical, rectangular, trapezoidal, spherical, conical, etc. If combined with other stamping processes, more parts with complex shapes can be manufactured.

The service life of metal plate parts is related to the reasonable use of die equipment, the production


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11.02.2020 05:13

How To Choose Chinese Bakelite Parts

        Industry economic benefit analysis
        At present, on the whole, the economic benefits of processing of sheet metal parts in China are good, and many operating profits of industrial enterprises are above 20%. The Sheet Metal Parts processing industry mainly deals with the processing of automobiles, shipbuilding, precision machine tools, precision instruments, communication electronics and elevators. Most of the partners are large foreign companies (GE, BOSCH, OTIS), with cooperation. The relationship will be further deepened and long-term, from which to learn advanced technology, technology, and strict, standardized production environment, production process and other aspects of management experience, so that key components and key technologies can be gradually localized, correspondingly reduce foreign-funded enterprises from abroad Purchasing key components reduces the production costs of manufacturing companies.


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14.01.2020 04:56

Precautions For Welding Sheet Metal Parts

The processing of Sheet Metal Parts is one of the most commonly used processing techniques, and it also contains many processes, and welding is part of it. What special attention should be paid to the implementation of welding technology for such special workpieces as sheet metal parts?

 There are many welding techniques involved here, both soldering and brazing. The former uses two low-melting metals to bond two or more pieces of metal together, as long as the joint components are placed next to each other, the joint is heated, and molten solder is injected into the joint the latter obtains the joint strength Will be higher.

Observing these two welding technologies, the biggest difference is the melting point of the filler material injected into the joint. Although the brazing strength is relatively high, due to the high heat, it may cause component deformation, melting, or bending, Bad phenomena such as corrosion. Therefore,


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07.01.2020 04:55

What Are The Types Of Sheet Metal Parts

1. The first is the Sheet Metal Parts related to the daily life of ordinary people, and daily metal plate parts of kitchenware. He mainly refers to the pots and pans commonly used by ordinary people, and some supplies made of steel
2, followed by electrical metal plate parts, such as color televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. These large white appliances also have small appliances such as rice cookers, kettles, etc .
3. There are also metal sheet metal parts for automobiles and precision metal sheet metal parts for vehicle accessories. As long as steel on a car belongs to the category of metal sheet metal parts
4. There is also a special purpose sheet metal part, which is used in the aerospace industry, and is called aerospace sheet metal parts, such as those used on rockets and space shuttles. nbstarlite is a


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24.12.2019 05:10

Requirements To Be Met By Sheet Metal Parts

The fundamental guarantee of the quality of Sheet Metal Parts lies in stamping dies. Only efficient stamping dies can produce qualified metal plate parts. Whenever there is a problem with the quality of stamping parts, 80% of the reasons are due to the stamping die. Therefore, it is very important to design and produce efficient stamping dies. In general, efficient stamping dies need to meet the following points:

First, can ensure the safety of stamping production

Production safety has always been the top priority of industrial production enterprises, especially for stamping enterprises. In recent years, the frequent occurrence of stamping accidents has caused many stamping factories to encounter difficulties in recruiting workers. And a large part of these stamping accidents are caused by irrational mold design. Therefore, efficient stamping dies first need


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17.12.2019 05:04

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Several processes required to process Sheet Metal Parts

The first step in processing sheet metal parts is to cut the material, at least to cut or saw the blank on the mold steel raw material, and then rough machining. The rough surface, size, etc. of the blank just after coming down need to be roughed on the grinding machine first. At this time, it is rough machining, so the size requirements are not high. Generally, a tolerance of 50 wires is sufficient. After rough machining, heat treatment is required. Generally, heat treatment is processed by a special heat treatment plant. There is not much to introduce in this section.

After the heat treatment, finishing is required. Generally, the grinding is first carried out on a grinding machine, and the size requirements at this time are more stringent. Generally, the accuracy should be around 0.01. Of course, this accuracy is not absolute. The specific accuracy requirements


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10.12.2019 05:04

Inspection Of Sheet Metal Parts

During the completion of the Sheet Metal Parts, the inspection specifications require that the product is unqualified.

Production sends the end of the product quality inspection, and the entire surface of the qualified subject of the product enters the next process in response to a comprehensive inspection of the surface discontinuity of the product. Place unprofitable labels on defective areas.

When IPQC finds non-conforming products in the inspection process, it shall promptly notify the production department of the non-conformities and place the non-conforming products in the non-conforming product area. The “Corrective and Avoidance Steps” will be issued together, and will be handed over


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03.12.2019 05:03

Starlite Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box Is A Good Choice

Sheet Metal Parts are parts with a certain shape, size, and performance obtained by a stamping process. Sheet metal parts are widely used in aerospace, automotive, marine, machinery, chemical and other fields, and have gradually become an important part in the current part manufacturing industry. The application of computer-aided design, manufacturing and other technologies to sheet metal parts manufacturing can make the design of metal sheet parts very fast and the manufacturing and assembly efficiency can be significantly improved.

Common types of stamping materials

The new sheet materials are low titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon steel stainless steel, aluminum, copper and their alloys. They have low deformation resistance and are suitable for cold stamping


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26.11.2019 05:09

Planning And Production Level Of Sheet Metal Parts

Sheet Metal Parts generally require a high yield and a multi-cavity. Large molds can reach a few hundred cavities and thousands of cavities. The large processing table of the mold processing equipment requires high gravity, high rigidity and high consistency. The hardness of the mold steel processed by the metal mold is high, and the mold processing equipment must have thermal stability and high reliability. For the messy cavity and multi-functional composite mold, following the diversification of the shape of the workpiece, the metal plate parts must improve the planning and production level of the mold.

Repeated positioning accuracy and linear feed speed of metal plate parts When machining three-dimensional surface of metal mold, metal plate parts can not reflect the processing status of practical stamping parts. The high-precision machining of the three-dimensional curved surface of the mold also


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19.11.2019 05:00

Selection Of Sheet Metal Parts

1, see if the joints are loose
Accessories consisting of multiple Sheet Metal Parts do not allow loosening of the coupling parts, such as oil pump plunger and adjustment arm, clutch driven hub and steel plate, friction plate and steel plate, etc. If loose, it will affect the normal operation of the parts. Should be exchanged.

2, see if the rotating parts are flexible
When purchasing the oil pump hydraulic pump assembly, turn the pump shaft by hand, feel flexible and no stuck the fuel injection pump assembly, when the adjustment arm is toggled, the plunger should be able to flexibly rotate in the plunger sleeve, pushing the roller When the plunger should be able to automatically return to the position under the action of the spring.


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06.11.2019 05:31

Manufacturing Technology Of Sheet Metal Parts

The metal plate part is a forming process of a workpiece (metal plate part) of a desired shape and size by applying an external force to a plate, a strip, a pipe, a profile, and the like by a press and a die to cause plastic deformation or separation. Then we know the meaning of the metal plate parts, then let us know the molding process of the metal plate parts!

Bending: A plastic forming method that bends sheet metal, pipe and profile into a certain angle, curvature and shape. Bending is one of the main processes widely used in the production of Sheet Metal Parts. The bending of the metal material is essentially an elastoplastic deformation process. After unloading, the workpiece will produce a direction of elastic recovery deformation, called rebound. The rebound affects the accuracy of the workpiece and is a technical pipe that must be considered in the


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