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21.05.2019 07:10

Stamping Parts Process For Body Panels

Stamping Parts have the characteristics of stable size, high precision, light weight, high rigidity, good interchangeability, high efficiency and low consumption, simple operation, and easy automation. Therefore, stamping technology has been widely used in the automotive industry. In recent years, with the development and maturity of servo technology, the servo press production line with servo technology as the core has become more and more widely used in automobile manufacturers.
As one of the four major processes of automobile manufacturing, the stamping process directly affects the quality, cost and production cycle of the whole vehicle. When pressing, an external force is applied to the sheet by the press and the mold to cause plastic deformation and separation, thereby obtaining a part processing method of a desired shape and size. At present, the stamping equipment used by each main engine factory is basically a fully automatic stamping production line. The stamping production


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