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07.05.2021 12:36

REvil’s Ransomware Attack on Apple: $50M Ransom Demand

Смотреть 'REvil’s Ransomware Attack on Apple: $50M Ransom Demand'

Ransomware is malware put in on a stranger's computer. It encrypts your necessary files and holds access to them. The distinction between traditional malware and ransomware is that the victim doesn't pay the cash or ransom the device is encrypted for that period of time.

If you pay the demanded money, you will get the decryption key. But some attackers go for a different approach, they do not only encrypt files but also threaten you to leak them. This adds additional leverage for ensuring payment.

Apple has been targeted during a $ 50 million ransomware attack after an excessive number of engineering and production schemes were taken from Quanta. Quanta may be a Taiwan-based company that's in control of several producing Apple products. The schemes


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