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07.05.2019 06:59

China Welding Parts Suppliers And Pulse Welding

If you’re looking for a precision welding process, you might want to consider pulse welding.Not only does the process produce attractive welds, but also it can help with avoiding common welding discontinuities and defects.
Pulse welding is a variation on two core processes commonly taught in a welding training program: gas metal arc welding (MIG) and gas tungsten arc welding (TIG).
Learn more about pulse welding and when to use it with the MIG or TIG processes in this article.
What Is Pulsed Arc Welding?
Electric arc welding processes typically rely on a consistent current or voltage to maintain the arc and heat the metals. The welding current is measured in amps and the voltage in volts.
Pulse welding is different because the current continuously fluctuates from low to high.


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