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21.06.2021 11:18

Simple Steps for Mobile Password Reset Bypass Pattern Lock and Erased Phone Data

We all have faced pattern or password lock issues and don’t know what to do in this situation. Sometimes we’ll try to ask friends, try to find the solution online, but still don’t unlock the phone. Finally, people visit the Store for the problem. But here we are going to tell you the simplest trick to unlock the phone.

Do not worry if you have forgotten your mobile’s PIN pattern or password. Today we will tell you about the special tricks in this blog to quickly unlock your phone. Let us know about these tricks.

Most of us put passwords, pins, or patterns on our mobiles to protect our personal photos, chats, and other secret information. But we forget the password, PIN, or pattern of our mobile, after which we have to visit the Store to unlock our phone. 

If your phone’s password, PIN, or pattern is forgotten and the phone is locked, there is no need to


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13.05.2021 10:44

A Guide to Change or Reset the Dropbox Password

Dropbox is one of the most popular and commonly used file hosting services worldwide, operated by an American company. The service enables the users to keep a backup of all of their essential files and documents on the cloud. Using the Dropbox file hosting service, one can also keep identical copies of their files up to date on their multiple devices. The company started this file hosting service in the year 2007. And since then, millions of people have started using this service on various devices. Accessing the Dropbox file hosting service is pretty straightforward. One can use this service on devices including Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, along with Android and iOS devices. As per the estimated record, there are over 14.6 million paying customers of this service. And you can also use the free version of Dropbox. Because of its amazing features, people often use Dropbox to save their important documents.


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13.01.2021 18:25

Steps to Lock Your Facebook Profile on a Desktop

Facebook is one of the most sought-after social media platforms out there, which boasts more than a billion active users every month from around the world. Users who have accounts on Facebook can post photos, videos, stories, upload status, and connect with other people from across the globe. With the growing privacy concerns of people today, the social media giant is also taking significant measures to cater to their users’ need for better privacy on the platform. Back in 2017, the platform rolled out a feature that allows users to shield their current profile picture, and now last year in 2020, the company launched another feature, Facebook profile lock, which is kind of a successor to the profile guard feature.

With the release of this profile lock feature, users can now add an extra security layer to their Facebook profile. A lock icon that shows up on a user’s profile indicates that the person has a locked


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01.12.2020 21:25, г. Arrino, Австралия Смотреть на карте

Tips To Create and Remember Strong Passwords

In today’s fast-paced digital world, protecting digital life is not an easy task. We are experiencing a new miracle of technology every single day. The privacy of data is always a significant concern. Hence, we all use different types of protection to secure our digital privacy. The most popular way to ensure digital or locally stored data is passwords.

Passwords work as a front line defense system to protect our data. They work with most devices, software, and web portals to make our data secure. A password also prevents hackers and cybercriminals from accessing our bank account credentials.

But here, the problem is that most people use simple passwords. This act can put our computer and digital life at risk. Therefore, it becomes vital to create super-strong passwords. Do you know how to create a strong password? If yes, then go and upgrade your passwords. If you want to learn how to make


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