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23.04.2019 05:31

Final Fantasy XIV: Dancer Work Guide

The new FFXIV work was announced at Fan Fest in Tokyo in 2019. We are fortunate so as to seriously discuss the modern features and content of FFXIV: Shadowbringers' release date. Following the work with the FFXIV Gunbreaker, the Dancer could be the second new FFXIV task for Shadowbringers. The dancer will complete the remote DPS role, almost all provides some support skills. It will double-wing two chakras as the weapon associated with preference, and it's also likely to share the “targeting” equipment with Bard plus the mechanics.

However, it's time to get to the party area and understand precisely what is needed with the “Final Dream XIV” dancers coming. Based on what has been announced to date, we outline the talents of the modern job along with FFXIV Gil the guide about how the dancer's work conforms on the Final Fantasy classic. Let us come!


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