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03.04.2019 10:27, Китай Смотреть на карте

What Are The Advantages Of Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box?

Optical fiber head role and function Straight weld type Fiber Distribution Box, used in FTTH client wiring equipment, optical transmission of the optical network terminal into the heat sealing, spectral, wiring the output, and other functions, can effectively for cable terminating, protection and Management, as the necessary equipment in the process of optical network transmission 12 core with 24 core can share a 24 core box, small and large what is the difference between 24 core, which can find XingHui professional engineers for your detailed introduction products Optical fiber optic fibre box, optical fiber distribution box, optical optic light box, Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box, optical fiber network box
Optical Fiber Cable Distribution Box advantages:
1 case materials by SMC materials, service life up to 20 years


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