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05.10.2020 14:50

Pokemon Go is All Set to Release Paris Fashion Week

The last few months for Pokemon Go were incredibly entertaining. Niantic has launched several interesting events for the players that resulted in gaining the number of players. The recent “Porygon Community Day” of Pokemon Go was a big hit. The majority of players participated in that single-day event to catch a unique Pokemon. These types of events increase the playtime and fan base of the game. During these events, players earn great XP and unique items. So it’s a win-win situation from both sides. Almost every player was satisfied with past events. Now once again, Pokemon Go is about to bring some new fashionable items for the Pokemon trainers.

The official Pokemon Go website stated that they would release some new cool attractive accessories next month. For the celebration, Longchamp Paris and The Pokemon Company have made collaboration. The celebration will begin at Paris Fashion Week, where they will release new accessories like backpacks.


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24.09.2020 15:33

Pokemon Go How to Use Special Evolution Items

In Pokemon Go, some evolutions don't happen easily. Apart from normal candies, trainers also require special evolution items to evolve some certain Pokemon. There's a huge list of Pokemon that require special evolution items to evolve. If you want to know the exact Pokemon and items, you need to explore the game a lot. However, this guide will help you to get information about special evolution items and Pokemon.

How to Acquire Special Evolution Items

To get the special items, you need to play Pokemon Go daily and complete the challenges. Every day Niantic releases new challenges that help the player to encounter strong Pokemon and new items.

Playing Pokemon Go daily also increases the XP that helps the player to unlock new challenges. Niantic releases weekly challenges that usually offer unique items as rewards. So to get those items as a


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23.09.2020 13:19

Pokemon Go: Current Raid Bosses (September 2020)

Trainers once again have the opportunity to catch some incredible Pokemon in current Raid Battles. After the Porygon Community Day, trainers are focusing on Raid Battles. September month is already a massive hit for the trainers because of the “Heatran,” “Cresselia” and now “Articuno.” The legendary Pokemon collection of trainers are getting huge, but it’s not over yet. After the Mega Evolution, many things have changed in the game.

 The Raid Battles, spawn rate, and Mega Energy, all these things are in a perfect line. The majority of players were worried about the consumption of Mega Energy, so Niantic helped the players by reducing 20% Mega Energy for Mega Evolution. With the new Mega update, Niantic removed the 2 and 4-Tier Raid Battles.

After the Arrival of Cresselia and Articuno, the Raid Battle attempts have increased. Players are making


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22.09.2020 12:51

Pokemon Go: How to Acquire the Mega Bracelet

The Mega Evolution in Pokemon Go is going well. Along with the Mega Evolution Pokemon, Niantic has launched some cool accessories for the trainers. The special Mega Evolution items are available in the shop. Originally in the series, trainers use a Key Stone to power up their Pokemon that has a certain Mega Stone attached. The following device first appeared in the Kalos region's battles, and now players can have it in the game as well.

In Pokemon Go, the accessory is just a part of decorating the character. Niantic has released the Mega Bracelet to present the fancy side of Mega Evolution. After evolving a Pokemon in Mega form, their design and few abilities improve. Now players can use them in the PVP battles, which was before restricted to only Raid Battles. However, if you want to have something fancy, you can purchase the Bracelets from the shop using Pokecoins.


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11.09.2020 12:34

Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Leader Arlo

Смотреть 'Pokemon Go: How to Defeat Leader Arlo'

 Battle in Pokemon Go can become intense when your opponent is Arlo. He has an extremely powerful lineup of Shadow Pokemon that can clean your team if you are not aware of it. To defeat the leader like Arlo, you have to use the best Pokemon to counter his Pokemon lineup. He is one of the strongest leaders of the Team Rocket organization. Whenever he arrives, he shows no mercy to the trainers.

To defeat Arlo, you just don’t have to bring your most powerful Pokemon, but you also need to use those Pokemon which are strong against Arlo’s Pokemon. So before bringing any lineup in the battle, you should know what Pokemon line he usually uses in the battle.


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27.08.2020 11:39

Pokemon Go: September and October Community Day Confirmed with an Exclusive Move

Pokémon Go has finally revealed the results of the upcoming September and October Community Day. For the upcoming Community Day (CD) fans had four options to choose between Charmander, Grimer, Porygon, and Caterpie. Now the voting is over, and Niantic revealed the final results. The voting was held over a weekend through a poll on twitter. Niantic already announced that the two highest chosen Pokémon would get September and October CD.

In the poll, two Pokémon took the show by winning and the other two runner-ups Pokémon barely got 8% combined votes. So as every player expected, “Porygon” and “Charmander” got the highest votes. During the voting, both of these Pokémon were trending in the Pokémon community. Porygon got the highest votes because it's a rare Pokémon and the trainer wants to register it. On the other hand, Charmander is a fan favorite Pokémon that evolves in Charmeleon and Charizard.


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19.08.2020 15:06

Pokemon Go How to Catch Emolga for Unova Week

“Unova Week” is globally live on Pokémon Go, and now players have the opportunity to catch some Generation V Pokémon. In the event, Pokémon Go is focusing on offering Generation V Pokémon. “Emolga” is a rare Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V, and in the current Unova Week, Pokémon Go is offering it. Emolga is a dual Electric / Flying-type Pokémon that is inspired by flying squirrels of the real world. Even though Emolga is not a strong Pokémon, players still want it because of its cuteness and to register in Pokédex. The chances of seeing Emolga in the wild are still very low, but there are some sorts of ways that can increase the odds.

You can get Emolga by hatching 7km eggs. To get 7km eggs, you need to open the gifts that you receive from friends. If you are lucky, you can get Emolga in a 7km egg. However, there are more Pokémon available in 7km eggs, including:


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